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Come take a Discovery Flight with me. The cost is $85 for 30 minutes. We fly early in the mornings (e.g. 7:30am) when the winds are calm.

I am an FAA certified flight instructor, and besides doing discovery flights, I also train people to be pilots of their own powered parachutes.

NOTE #1: To ensure reasonable performance I have a weight limit of 240 pounds for the passenger.
NOTE #2: This is a "PPC". For those of you interested in "PPG"s (Powered ParaGliders), which use small motors mounted on your back or on an ultra-lightweight 4-wheel buggy -- we don't instruct for those. A Google search will find you places that do.
NOTE #3: Drivers License (or similar, with picture ID) is required prior to flight.
NOTE #4: Liability Waiver Form must be signed by passenger (or parent/guardian of a minor) prior to flight.

*Flights are heavily dependent upon weather (low winds & mostly clear skies), so in requesting a flight, please indicate the specific days you are available to fly.*

Groups of up to 3-4 individuals can be scheduled to fly the same day, depending upon weather conditions.

Thank you, and I look forward to showing you how freeing and fun it is to fly in one of these aircraft.

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